3 E-11 Charges
Timed thermal Detonator
Medium Bacta
Medic: 60%


Main Bio

Race: Human
Home Planet: Onderon
Age: 20
Height: 5’10.5"
Weight: ~160

History synopsis

Malius was born on Onderon (in the Japrael sector) in 25 BBY to a merchant family. Malius did not grow up on the planet; he was more or less raised on freight vessels that moved through the core and the inner rim territories with his parents and two sisters. While on extended stops and stays on various planets, Malius was educated by many teachers. He was decisive that he wanted to be a astral navigator but his father wanted him to study medicine so he could work in the medical bays and tend to his chronically sick sister.

Malius found his education to be easy, but medicine began to bore him. His only motivation was to keep tending to his sister, who was sick with a neurological disorder. Malius eventually found an effective treatment for his sister’s disorder. This research was published and Malius drew attention from the empire. Malius joined the imperial forces after it enticed him to leave his routine life.tbc…


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