The Imperial March

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Kelona:7:5 BBY Session 1
-4th squad lands at approximately 17.35 UST via Lamda Class Shuttle.
-4th Squad are attacked on landing Via the stations dock auto-cannon.
-4 Members of 4th squad survive (4a, 2, 4, and 6)and breach the door.
-The remainder of 4th squad head for the comm control room
-4th squad talks to various comm officers and conclude something is “fishy”
-4 finds details on a overlay preventing exterior comm.
-With evidence of unbecoming activity 4 actual locks down the doors too the room.
-Comm officials react with fire which is quickly silenced with return fire.
-Insurgent Imperial Security personal fail at breaching the right comm room door.
-after another attempt the door is breached and 4th squad quickly eliminates the remainder of the Insurgent Imperial Security team.

Kelona:7:5 BBY Session 2
-4 Actual Torturers The Chief Comm officer till death nothing Relevant gained.
-Cpl Jacobs tampers with the encryption for outgoing comm locking down power to the comm room.
-4A and 46 move to the security Room
-4A distracts the security clerk while 46 moves in from behind and eliminates her
-once control of security terminals are gained 4A sends 46 to the stockade
-coordinated with 46’s entry to the room 4A turns the force field down letting the prisoners go.
-The Prisoners attack the guard and disable him as a threat.
-4A moves to the stockade recalling 46 to move in and remove the sleeping security guards as a threat.
-46 Creep’s through the Guard barracks killing the sleeping combatants with a vibro-blade.
-4A is confronted by a colonel who stated himself and the other 15 inmates where imprisoned after rebelling against the stations admiral and that his men need food.
-4A moves 42 and 44 to check out and clear the galley of any combatants.
-4A moves the released prisoners to the galley
-Power Returns to comm room.
-4A directs 44 and Cpl Jacob’s to establish comm via the primary terminal
-4A makes link up via comm room to the Valkyrie.
-4A is told to hold position and find out more info if possible the Valkyrie is currently engaged elsewhere.
-46 tracks down key card to the lift on the second floor


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